Project state Aug 18
If that's good enough for you, let's take a look at what is going on right now.
That's what you CAN do right now:
    • Register on the platform via Discord and link your Dota 2 account to the system;
    • Start playing ranked Dota 2 matches to stack CAPoints (Alpha) for wins;
    • Share your opinion and ideas about CyberArenaPro on Discord. We are taking that very seriously.
    That's what you WILL be able to do soon:
        • Collect your CAPoint (Alpha) rewards and transfer them to our testnet CAPoint (Alpha) token;
        • Compete in Leaderboards;
        • Link Fortnite and farm CAPoints (Alpha) for Fortnite wins.
        That's what you WON'T be able to do in the Alpha:
            • Sell CAPoint (Alpha) testnet tokens;
            • Get an advantage to be ahead on the Beta launch;
            • Use CAPoints (Alpha) to pay for your pizza (We are sad about that one too).
            This said, we are looking forward to getting you playing and sharing your thoughts with us. Don't hesitate to do that on Discord!
            We are glad to present you the very first CyberArenaPro build. We are on the way to create a platform where your wins in Esports games are rewarded with a CAPoint crypto token. You'll be able to sell or spend CAPoints on various gaming goods and services.
            But there is a road to go before it is done. We are currently at the Alpha stage, aimed for testing every feature before publishing fully functioning Beta. The most important difference is a testnet CAPoint (Alpha) token that is used for Alpha. Testnet tokens have no cost and you won't be able to profit form it,
            Nevertheless, there are still reasons to participate in the Alpha test. You can:
            • Test the system to get an idea of how to farm like a boss when our project goes in Beta;
            • Influence the way we build a gamer-driven crypto project with your feedback;
            • Farm CAPoints (Alpha) to buy exclusive Alpha rewards that you'll keep in Beta.
            Project state Oct 4
            As you might have noticed we are a little bit (lol) off schedule. We had plenty of work that's important but invisible to users. Which makes us even more thrilled to finally make some upgrades for you. And that's what cooking in this version
            We are faster now
            • The whole process of checking for matches is optimized and now normally goes under 10 seconds
            • Getting your match result is also easier. There is no need to push no buttons beforehand anymore. Finish your match, open CyberArenaPro, push
            Check for
            -> profit
            More clarity
            • We've added more info on landing page to clarify how everything works and why on earth do we plan to give people free crypto
            • We've also hidden an outdated roadmap which was a bit confusing. We will reveal a new one as soon as we'll be able to come up with more precise release dates
            Also, we are very close to a version where you'll be finally able to collect your well earned CAPoints from your matches. We'll let you know about that a bit later.
            As always feel free to ask questions and give us feedback on Discord