best Esports games
We reward your wins with crypto
For each ranked match won in Dota 2 and Fortnite you get CAPoint crypto token. That's what we call casual E-sport
CyberArenaPro foundations
Gamers do not need new 'meh' e-sport titles
Gamers need Play-to-Earn for those awesome games they already play
Not only PRO's should be rewarded
Gamers would compete at their own pace and skill level
Few people like PAY to EARN
Everyone likes PLAY to EARN
Most gamers wouldn't play in real tournaments
Everyone should be rewarded for ranked wins at their own skill bracket
How to start?
Here are 5 steps to get your first CAPoint
Autorize via Discord
Don't you guys have Discords?
Link your game
That's really easy
account to service
Play as usual and
Only ranked games count
get a win
Check for matches
As soon as the Throne is down
Get your sweet
Wait, what's your profit?
For every 100 CAPoints we produce for you, we ALSO produce 30 CAPoints for ourselves
Your ranked win
The one and only way to create new CAPoints
130% CAPoints are issued
All locked CAPoints are stored on smart contract address. Simply put, your wins produce crypto tokens
Your reward
You get your full reward with no comission charged by us
Our share
We ADDITIONALLY release an amount of CAPoints equal to 30% of your reward for ourselves. Those are spent on marketing, project development and team bonuses
We only earn when you do
Check the Litepaper to know more about tokenomics, disribution and utiliy
Wait, there is more!
Collect cards to boost your
Assemble card sets to get passive bonuses
Get EXP to level your account and complete Battle Pass
Compete in rankings you prefer
Finish quests to become a better player
Find tryhard teammates
Join fellow gamers and start earning now!